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Aircraft for Rent - N2207N, Cessna C140

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N2207N, Cessna C140
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  • N2207N is a refurbished 1947 Cessna 140 with an upgraded 100 hp (originally 85 hp) with a new interior.
  • This aircraft’s primary function at Red River Aviation is to provide tailwheel endorsements to private pilots (and above).
    • This training consists of 1 hour of ground school and 2 to 4 training flights, depending on experience.


STANDARD RATE                                $125.00/HOBBS HR*

WOSC STUDENT / MIL RATE            $120.00/HOBBS HR*

5 HOURS BLOCK TIME                       $5.00/HOBBS HR DISCOUNT

(Paid in advance)                                                     (drops applicable rate to $120 or $115 per hour)

Minimum overnight charges apply.  **See Extended Weekend Adjustment.**


FLIGHT (Advanced)                            $45.00 HR

GROUND                                              $35.00 HR

C-140 Rentals (non-student) for overnight period subject to the following daily minimums:

Weekday minimum:  2 hours Sat/Sun minimum:  3 hours


Schedule & Depart after 5:00 pm:                    subtract 1 hour from minimum

Schedule & Return before 10:00 am:               subtract 1 hour from minimum

**Extended Weekend Adjustment**

Schedule & Depart after 5:00 pm Friday + Schedule & Return before 5:00 pm Sunday:

Minimum: 5 hours (this is a reduction of 2 hours)

*Rates based on AXS fuel price.  Surcharge will apply when price exceeds $5/gal

Rates effective November 15th, 2018 but are subject to change without notice.



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