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WOSC (a Federal Aviation Regulation Part 141, Certificated Pilot School) has contracted with Red River Flight Academy LLC to provide the flight training portion necessary to earn a private pilot certificate under Part 141. This contract of WOSC and RRFA provides the only Part 141 Certified Flight School training in southwest Oklahoma and requires that the student be enrolled in both WOSC and RRFA for the private pilot certification.  Part 141, requires a minimum of 35 flight hours to complete the Private Pilot Certification. The total may be reduced if an approved simulator is used; WOSC provides the approved simulator used in this course. WOSC flight students receive a $5 per Hobbs hour discount when renting an RRFA aircraft.

Enrollment in WOSC Private Pilot Ground School is the first part of the Private Pilot Certification Course. Flight and Simulator Labs follow Ground School but in certain cases may be taken simultaneously. You will pay WOSC tuition and fees for the Ground School and Simulator Labs.

Student assimilation time of training facts, knowledge and technique vary from person to person, however, a good estimate for the average student would require 45 hours of flight time, both dual and solo and 50 hours of ground schooling.

Western Oklahoma State College (WOSC):* *Confirm prices on WOSC website
Private Pilot Ground School – 3 college credit hours $402.60 online (plus textbooks)
Private Pilot Lab – 2 college credit hours $268.40
Private Pilot Simulator Lab – 1 college credit hour $134.20


Red River Flight Academy (RRFA):
Flight training
22 hours dual $4070
10 hours solo $1500
5 hours simulator WOSC Simulator Lab
5 hours instructor w/simulator lab @$35/hr $175.00
Ground Instruction
16 hours pre/post flight briefing $560
Private Pilot Knowledge Exam (WOSC) $150
Private Pilot Practical Test (FAA DPE) Fee up to $450
Aircraft Flight time (w/FAA examiner up to 1.5 hrs) $232.50
Individual rates:
Cessna 172
Cessna 172 is a 4 seat, primary/secondary/instrument aircraft
Hobbs time rate $155 per hour
Flight Instructor $35 per hour
Ground Instructor $35 per hour

This course meets FAA Part 141 requirements for the applicable certificate or rating. Aircraft flight time hours and flight instructor time hours required to earn a certificate or rating are not guaranteed. Any additional aircraft flight time and/or instructor time necessary to complete the course will be paid by student.



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