Tuesday, May 18, 2021
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Red River Aviation Services
Red River Aircraft Repair LLC

Red River Aviation modeled on the long experience of genuine flight pros

The company was founded in 2009 by Bryan Patzkowski, pilot, and Jerry Yates, ATP, CFII, AMEL, ASEL, AGI, A&P mechanic. They committed to build the company on the philosophy of seeing the business through the eyes of their customers.

From the beginning, RRA has sought the best available talent to ensure excellence and diligence in every service performed. Bryan acquired Jerry’s share of the business in 2014 and today carries on operations in that tradition with an outstanding team of mechanics.

We never want customers to have any doubt or lingering regrets when it comes time to take delivery of their aircraft.

Our specialty is small aircraft. Singles and light-twins make up the bulk of our work. We know that almost no two planes are exactly alike and certainly no two aircraft owners are exactly alike. Therefore, it’s imperative that we do our best to tailor solutions for you and your aircraft as precisely as we can. Southwest Oklahoma and the Texoma area is home to a large number of GA aircraft and aviators. It’s our passion to get to know as many of those airplanes and aviators as we can and have the opportunity to serve them as our neighbors. Read More >>>

It is with the same passion and philosophy that we partnered with Western Oklahoma State College to launch our flight academy. Our students can take advantage of the long experience of our highly trained instructors while earning college credit hours and in some cases securing federal financial assistance. Our goal is to provide our students the best possible training along with flexible hours and affordability. -- Bryan Patzkowski




Red River Flight Academy LLC

WOSC has contracted with Red River Flight Academy LLC to provide the flight training portion necessary to earn a private pilot certificate under Federal Aviation Regulation Part 141, Certificated Pilot School. This contract of WOSC and RRFA provides the only Part 141 Certified Flight School training in southwest Oklahoma and requires that the student be enrolled in both WOSC and RRFA for the private pilot certification. Part 141, requires a minimum of 35 flight hours to complete the Private Pilot Certification. The total may be reduced if an approved simulator is used; WOSC provides the approved simulator used in this course. Read More >>>

State Regents recognize Western Oklahoma State College, Red River Flight Academy partnership

WOSC Regents CeremonyWestern Oklahoma State College was among 26 business and higher education partnerships throughout the state recently recognized for their innovative collaborations that further the education of Oklahoma’s workforce.

The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education’s Economic Development Grant for the partnership Recognition Program is designed to highlight successful partnerships between higher education institutions and businesses and to further cultivate the higher learning environment through State Regents’ Economic Development Grants.

This partnership of WOSC and RRFA provides the only Part 141 Certified Flight School training in southwest Oklahoma and which increases opportunities for individuals in rural southwest Oklahoma to receive an Associate in Applied Science degree in aviation with a professional pilot option.




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