Tuesday, May 18, 2021
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Complete Your ATP Training in Altus

(temporarily shelved pending faa training application)
Airline Transport Pilot Short Course

Taught by Former USAF Instructors

-- Four Days

-- Duchess simulator training

-- Two Training Flights

The ATP package includes 4+ hours of ground school, unlimited time in a Duchess simulator prior to check ride, 2 hr video flight profile, 6.5 hours of flight time in a Beechcraft Duchess during two training flights and your FAA check ride. Total price is $3,500 plus DPE fee.

Must complete ATP-CTP Written Exam prior to starting.
Bring a buddy -- You can maximize training effectiveness by partnering with another student to add two observation rides to your course.

ATP candidates must meet the requirements outlined in 14 CFR 61.153, 155, 156 (if applicable), 157, 159 and 160 (if applicable). Slight variations exist in age, training and experience requirements based on the education background and flight experience of each candidate. Please contact RRA to help you ascertain your specific requirements in order to be eligible to pursue this certificate. Should a candidate require additional training to successfully complete check ride, it is available at a reduced fee. Prices subject to change without notice.




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